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GSK-J4, JMJ H3K27 Demethylase inhibitor (Cell Permeable), 5 MG

Price$ 97.41
  • SKU: G-2643-5MG
  • Pack Size: 5 MG




Soluble in DMSO (up to 40 mg/ml) or in Ethanol (up to 40 mg/ml).


GSK-J4 (1373423-53-0) is a histone demethylase JMJD3/UTX inhibitor. Inhibits demethylation of histone H3K27. Reduces LPS-induced proinflammatory cytokine production in primary human macrophages (IC50 = 9 μM for the inhibition of TNFα release). Cell permeable, ethyl ester of GSK J1 (cat.# 10-1393). GSK-J4 rescues newborn pups from embryonic lethality in BRAF knockin mice which recapitulate major features of RASopathies.

0.1 lbs

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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