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Turbocharged Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail, 1 VIAL

Price$ 96.48
  • SKU: T-2494-VIAL
  • Pack Size: 1 VIAL

Soluble in water, aqueous buffers or add directly to extraction media



This broad spectrum Phosphatase Inhibitor cocktail has been specifically designed to provide complete protection of valuable proteins of interest from degradation during extraction and purification.

Features and Benefits: Complete protection from phosphatases in one single cocktail.

  • Our cocktails are lyophilized solids which dissolve instantaneously making them readily available for their instantaneous inhibitory action and are easier to use than tablets that require splitting, vortexing and time consuming dissolution.


  • Our lyophilized solids are guaranteed for stability, reproducibility and have a shelf life of over a year. Most other commercially available cocktails made and sold in aqueous solutions offer very low guarantee of stability after 1 month of being manufactured.


  • Economical: More cost effective than other commercially available formulations.


  • Reliable: Count on our expertise in the production of high quality cocktails that have been successfully used for 20 + years by thousands of researchers worldwide.

Product Description: White Lyophilized Solid. The cocktail contains 8 inhibitors targeting against the major classes of phosphatases as outlined in the following table


Target Phosphatases


Target Phosphatases


Alkaline Phosphatases

Sodium Pyrophosphate

PP1 and PP2A

Sodium Orthovanadate

Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase, Alkaline Phosphatase


Ser/Thr Phosphatases

Sodium Molybdate

Acid and Phosphoprotein Phosphatases

Na Tartrate Dihydrate

Acid Phosphatases

Na F

Acid Phosphatases

Bromotetramisole oxalate

Alkaline Phosphatases

Recommended Usage: This cocktail has been optimized for effectiveness, convenience, stability, reproducibility and has been tested for general use. It inhibits activity in extracts from almost any tissue or cell types including animals, plants, yeasts, bacteria and fungi.

Reconstitute each vial with 1 ml of water to obtain a concentrated stock solution. Dilute this conc stock solution to 1X before use. Recommended dilution is 1:100 (based on the application). One vial is recommended for 10g-20g of tissue or cell extract. 

Performance Activity AssayComparison of our Turbocharged Protease and Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktails with Competitor’s commercial tablets. 

Figure 1: Using a general protease activity assay and pancreas extract, our Turbocharged Cocktails were tested against Competitor’s commercially available tablets under the same conditions. The results were based on protease activity in the absence of any inhibitor cocktails (Test 1); compared to protease activity in the presence of Competitors Protease Inhibitor Tablets (Test 2); Turbocharged Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (T-2492/Test 3); Turbocharged Protease + Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail (T-2495/Test 4); and Blank

Figure 2: Using a general phosphatase activity assay the alkaline phosphatase activity was determined with no inhibitor cocktail added (Test 1); compared to Phosphatase activity in the presence of Turbocharged Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail (T-2494/Test 2); Turbocharged Protease + Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail (T-2495/Test 3); and Blank 


The results indicate that our Turbocharged Cocktails showed better performance ( > 97% inhibition) than the Competitors product with our Turbocharged Protease + Phosphatase inhibitor Cocktails being the only one of its kind available in the market today inhibiting both Proteases + Phosphatases available as a lyophilized solid in a single vial.

0.1 lbs

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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