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PRT4165, E3 ubiquitin ligase inhibitor, 50 MG

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  • SKU: P-3327-50MG
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Soluble in DMSO (up to 25 mg/ml) or in Ethanol (up to 6 mg/ml with warming).

Room Temperature

PRT-4165 (31083-55-3) is an inhibitor of Bmi1/Ring1A, subunits of the polycomb repressive complex 1 (PRC1). Inhibits self-ubiquitination (IC50 = 3.9 μM) but does not increase cellular levels of either subunit. Blocks Bmi1/Ring1A-mediated ubiquitination and drug-induced degradation of topoisomerase 2α. PRT-4165 inhibits H2A/H2AX ubiquitination via blocking the E3 ubiquitin ligase activity of RNF2 and a Bmi1/RNF2 complex. Blocks polycomb repressor complex (PRC) 1-mediated histone H2A ubiquitination in vitro and in vivo and as such represents a new tool for studying chromatin remodeling.

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Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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