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AG Scientific is featuring the world’s largest range of proteomic biomarker stabilization & preservation reagents to the diagnostic marketplace. Immediate elimination of Proteolytic degradation via the ideal combination of protease inhibitors is absolutely essential for preserving & enhancing the long-term stability of these biomarkers.

Biomarkers overview

By downloading this E-booklet you will learn:

  • AG Scientific's most popular inhibitors.
  • New product "Turbocharged protease and phosphatase inhibitor coctails"
  • Detailed description of fuctionality.
  • Detailed description of unique biomarker targets.
  • Comparision summary sheet for quick skim & review.
  • Complete listing of Custom Protease inhibitor cocktails.
  • Pricing comparisons of the 30+ Ready-to-Use formulations.
  • Custom formulations available.

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