R,S-Sulforaphane, High Purity

  • CAS:4478-93-7
  • Formula:C6H11NOS2
  • MW:177.29
  • Appearance:Slight yellowish liquid
  • Purity:≥99%
Product Name Qty
R,S-Sulforaphane, High Purity
25 mg
R,S-Sulforaphane, High Purity
50 mg
R,S-Sulforaphane, High Purity
100 mg
R,S-Sulforaphane, High Purity
500 mg

R,S-Sulforaphane is a synthetic isothiocyanate. R-Sulforaphane is the naturally-occurring isomer, found in broccoli. This compound exhibits antioxidative, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-atherosclerotic, neuromodulatory, cardioprotective, anticoagulant, antibiotic, anticancer chemotherapeutic, and chemopreventive activities; research suggests that the R-isomer may be more bioactive than the S-isomer. R,S-Sulforaphane induces activity and expression of phase II enzymes, inhibits the aryl hydrocarbon receptor, and downregulates expression of HDACs and STAT5. In cellular and animal models of melanoma, this compound inhibits tumor growth and cell proliferation. R,S-Sulforaphane also induces autophagy. In animal models of Alzheimer’s disease, R,S-sulforaphane lessens cognitive impairment. Additionally, this compound increases activity of Nrf2 and expression of catalase, protecting against UV-induced oxidative damage in ex vivo models. In other animal models, R,S-sulforaphane inhibits TNF-α-induced adhesion of monocytes to epithelial cells and decreases levels of VCAM-1. In myocytes, this compound prevents angiotensin II-induced hypertrophy. Additionally, R,S-sulforaphane inhibits platelet aggregation by suppressing PI3K/Akt signaling. R,S-Sulforaphane also displays antibacterial efficacy against Escherichia. Please note: This compound is a neat liquid at room temperature, clear to slightly yellow in color. It is not dissolved in solvent. In small quantities the material will coat the sides of the ampule it is shipped in and may appear to be invisible, or it may be trapped in the tip of the ampule. Wash the upper and lower parts of the ampoule with solvent to ensure all of the material is obtained.

More Information
Alternate Name/Synonyms
D,L-Sulforaphane, Sulforaphane
Chemical Name
Chemical Formula
Molecular Weight
Slight yellowish liquid
Soluble in ethanol, methanol, or ethyl acetate. Miscible with water and/or DMSO.
Storage Temp
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