ROS Detection Assay Kit (DCFDA / H2DCFDA)

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ROS Detection Assay Kit (DCFDA / H2DCFDA)
5 x 96 assays


ROS Detection Assay Kit is a highly sensitive and safe assay to measure reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS include a number of reactive molecules and free radicals, derived from molecular oxygen, that damage DNA and RNA and oxidize proteins and lipids (lipid peroxidation). The most common ROS include superoxide anion (O2•-), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), hydroxyl radical (HO•) and singlet oxygen (1O2), all of which are more reactive than oxygen (O2) itself. The molecules are produced during the electron transport of mitochondrial aerobic respiration or by oxidoreductase enzymes and metal-catalyzed oxidation.

It uses the cell permeant reagent Dichlorodihydrofluorescein-diacetate (H2DCFDA), a fluorogenic dye that measures hydroxyl, peroxyl and other reactive oxygen species (ROS) activity within the cell. After diffusion into the cell, the acetyl groups on H2DCFDA are cleaved by intracellular esterase to yield the non-fluorescent compound which is rapidly oxidized to highly fluorescent 2’,7’-Dichlorodihydrofluorescein by ROS. The fluorescence intensity is proportional to the ROS levels within the cell cytosol.


Advantages & Features

• Based on unique fluorescent probe H2DCFDA
• Fast & Easy Protocol
• Safe: non-Radioactive, no special handling needed
• High-Throughput
• Accurate & Reproducible results



• Measurement of intracellular levels of ROS



• Includes: 5 mg Fluorescent Substrate (H2DCFDA), 50 mL 10X Assay Buffer, 500 μL  Positive control (H2O2, 8.8M), 1 mL DMSO


*Developed and manufactured by Canvax Biotechnology, S.L under contractual agreement for AG Scientific, Inc.

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4°C upon receipt
Highly sensitive & safe assay for reactive oxygen species measurement
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