As a chemical ionophore, CA 1001 (Calcium Ionophore I) has proven to be a high-quality biochemical. Its high selectivity for calcium ions makes it a great option for use in applications requiring the detection of calcium. CA 1001 can be used in calcium detection medical devices as well as biological membrane transport studies.

What is Calcium Ionophore CA 1001?

Calcium Ionophores, like CA 1001 (CAS 58801-34-6) supplied by AG Scientific, are synthetic neutral ionophores. Ionophores, which means "charge carriers," are naturally occurring lipid-soluble chemicals. They are small molecules capable of carrying ions across biological membranes.

Chemical structure of Calcium Ionophore CA 1001

These ionophores are important in cellular biological processes such as transmission of neurons, signaling of cells, and actions of hormones. CA 1001 is a synthetic ionophore that specifically transports calcium ions across membranes. It comes in the form of a viscous oil.

How does Calcium Ionophore CA 1001 function?

Ionophores, whether naturally occurring or synthetic, are capable of binding to and transporting certain ions across cell membranes in the body. Since these chemicals have a hydrophilic and hydrophobic portion, they can essentially dissolve and reappear on the other side of an otherwise impermeable membrane. CA 1001 is a synthetic ionophore designed specifically to transport calcium. Its high selectivity allows it to detect Ca2+ activity in membrane electrodes. This makes CA 1001 well-suited for medical devices and calcium transport studies.

Lipid bilyaer typical of cell membrane

Calcium Ionophores for Medical Devices

Ionophores play an important role in medical research due to their ability to manipulate the state of cells. Calcium Ionophore, in particular, has been used to design membrane selective electrodes and increase calcium levels for scientific studies.

Research on Male Infertility Treatment

In vitro diagnostic (IVD) and other medical devices are often used to detect the levels of calcium in cells and tissues. In a study on infertile mice, a pulse of Calcium Ionophore induced the ability to fertilize in certain sperm.

Sperm cell

Previous studies had shown that ejaculated sperm cells require certain chemical and physical changes to occur in order to become fertile. One of the factors included increased concentrations of calcium. The study showed evidence that increasing intracellular Ca2+ may provide treatment for some types of male infertility in humans.

Development of Diagnostic Testing for Diabetes

A wide range of scientific studies and medical research has been conducted using Calcium Ionophore CA1001. Many of these studies have helped researchers identify mechanisms of disease for both the development of diagnostic testing and treatment modalities.

Diabetes medical devices

For example, researchers recently conducted a study on diabetes to test healthy and glucose-treated white blood cells. They used calcium ionophore CA1001 to induce neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs), which are able to bind to pathogens. The results of the study showed potential for the use of immune cell profiling and biomarkers testing for diabetes.

Vial of Calcium Ionophore CA1001 from AG Scientific, Inc.

Calcium Ionophore CA1001 has already played a significant role in important scientific and medical device research. From infertility to diabetes, the use of ionophores will continue to benefit many areas of medicine including diagnostics and treatment. AG Scientific is known for being a leading supplier of high-quality biochemicals, including CA 1001 Calcium Ionophore.

AG Scientific's Calcium Ionophore CA1001 (CAS 58801-34-6) Availability



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