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Dorsomorphin: Frequently Asked Questions

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Substance Name:DM; BML-275; Compound C; AMPK Inhibitor

CAS Number:866405-64-3

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Dorsomorphin dihydrochloride is a potent inhibitor of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) (Ki=109nM) and bone morphogenic protein (BMP) signaling. Dorsomorphin was identified in a screen for compounds that perturb dorsoventral axis formation in zebrafish.

Dorsomorphin functions through the inhibition of BMP type I receptors ALK2, ALK3 and ALK6 and thus blocks BMP-mediated SMAD1/5/8 phosphorylation3. BMP signaling coordinates developmental patterning and have essential physiological roles in mature organisms.

Dorsomorphin has been used to probe BMP signaling in ironhepcidin homeostasis, cardiomyogenesis and steogenesis.

How was Dorsomorphin discovered?

In 2007, Charles Hong, M.D., Ph.D., and colleagues described using fish embryos to screen for compounds that interfere with signaling pathways involved in early development - pathways known to play roles in a variety of disease processes. They discovered the compound "dorsomorphin" and demonstrated that it blocked BMP (bone morphogenetic protein) signaling, which has been implicated in anemia, inflammatory responses and bone-related disorders.

What are alternative names for Dorsomorphin?

  • DM
  • BML-275
  • Compound C
  • AMPK Inhibitor

What is the chemical formula?



What is the CAS Number?


What is the appearance of Dorsomorphin?

Light yellow solid

What is the molecular weight?

399.5 g/mol

What is Dorsomorphin's solubility?

Soluble in DMSO.


What are storage requirements and stability of Dorsomorphin?

Store at -20°C. Stable under recommended conditions.