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Top 10 Health Facts about Food

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Here are 10 fun health facts about food. You may or may not have known them, and they may keep you well!

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. • Hippocrates

Here are 10 fun health facts about food. You may or may not have known them, and they may keep you well!

1) Cinnamon is a big circulatory system helper.


Cinnamon is the potent antioxidant that can help reduce the risk of blood clots, control blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity; the latter two helpsprevent fat gain and diabetes

2) Ginger alleviates pain.


A 2010 study in the journal of pain found that ginger can help reduce exercise-induced muscle pain by up to 25%. .

3) Citrus juice + Green Tea = Antioxidant Boost

Adding citrus juice to green tea stabilizes its catechin content, boosting teh level of antioxidants that survive the digestive system up-to 13-fold

4) Ginseng is basically magical

 Ginseng acts as a stimulant which helps to speed up the metabolism and boost energy levels Proven to reduce levels of stress It is rich in antioxidants and helps to slow signs of aging Helps to improve concentration and cognitive functioning in general (memory, thought capacity, etc.) Aids in controlling blood sugar levels- this is especially effective for those who are fasting or diabetics It is a natural appetite-suppressant, so it helps to control weight levels and prevent obesity Some ginseng teas can help with menstrual cramps It is an aphrodisiac so has shown to treat erectile dysfunction Studies have demonstrated that ginseng can prevent hair loss and balding Ginseng promotes blood circulation and detoxification which improves the overall look and feel of the skin The ginseng root has also shown to prevent the growth of cancerous tumors

5) Omega-3's an Overall Top Performer

The Omega-3's in fish oil[EPA and DHA] can help reduce teh risk of heart attack and stroke, improve cognitive function, shunt breast cancer development, relieve depression, and increase muscle protein synthesis.

6) Bananas are a key to happiness.


Its no secret that bananas are an excellent source of dietary fiber, that they protect against type II diabetes, aid weight loss, strengthen the nervous system and keep blood sugars steady, but less people know that eating them can actually help fight depression. The fruit contains high level of tryptophan which converts in to serotonin- a type of chemical in our brain that influences mood.

7) Chilis kick up your circulatory system!

Besides kicking up teh spice level in our food, chilis can be used to stimulate gastric activity, increase blood circulation, expel gas from the stomach and intestine and treat toothaches.

8) Honey are bacteria fighters.

Honey, a popular alternative to sugar, has been known to be used as an antiseptic which fights bacteria by pulling water out of them.Who knew medicine could be so sweet..

9) Protein-packed Peanut Butter is Heart Healthy

A daily serving of peanut butter could cut the risk for type 2 diabetes by 21 percent. Meanwhile, studies have shown that munching on nuts every day may lower the threat of heart attack by an incredible 35 percent..

  1. 10) There is a "Good Fat" in Coconut oil!

Despite its saturated fat content, coconut oil is widely considered a healthy fat that can enhance heart health and weight-loss. its comprised of roughly 50% MCFAs [medium chain fatty acids] in the form of lauric acid, which boots immunity, sparks metabolism, and is more easily burned off in the body.

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