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Puromycin Dihydrochloride, 25 MG

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  • SKU: P-1033-25MG
  • Pack Size: 25 MG

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Stylomycin hydrochloride; 3′-[α-Amino-p methoxyhydrocinnamamido]-3′-deoxy-N,Ndimethyladenosine dihydrochloride



C22H29N7O5 • 2HCl



Puromycin Dihydrochloride is an aminoglycoside antibiotic that is isolated from Streptomyces alboniger. Puromycin acts as a protein synthesis inhibitor by incorporating itself into a polypetide chain that has been growing, causing it to prematurely terminate. Puromycin’s primary application is as a gene-selection antibiotic with an important role in gene-editing via CRISPR/Cas9.

This puromycin reagent, which is in the form of hydrochloride salt, has antineoplastic, antitrypanosomal, and antimicrobial properties. It is important to keep Puromycin Dihydrochloride stored in a tightly closed container in a well-ventilated and dry area.


  • Selective antibiotic agent for cell culture systems, selection of mammalian cell lines
  • Protein synthesis inhibitor
  • Studies of regulatory mechanisms which control specific gene functions during cell differentiation
  • Can be used for specific types of cancer therapy


0.1 lbs

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.
  • Identification: Conforms
  • Appearance: Off-white powder
  • Purity (HPLC): ≥ 98.0 %
  • Water Content: ≤ 12.0 %
  • Melting Point: 168 - 182 oC

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