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Benzamidine Agarose 6B, 10 ML

Price$ 176.25
  • SKU: B-3389-10ML
  • Pack Size: 10 ML

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Benzamidine Agarose 6B is p-aminobenzamidine covalently attached to Agarose 6B by the epoxy coupling method. p-Aminobenzamidine (PAB), is an inhibitor of trypsin-like serine protease. Trypsin and trypsin-like serine proteases bind to Benzamidine-Agarose 6B and can thus be used for purification and/or removal of these substances.

Benzamidine-Agarose 6B can be used for purifying serine proteases such as trypsin, bovine thrombin, urokinase, human enterokinase, acrosin, native plasminogen, kallikrein, prekallikrein, collagenase and clostripain.  For recombinant purification, Benzamidine-Agarose 6B can be used for removal of serine proteases such as thrombin and enterokinase after cleavage of purification tags.

Benzamiding-Agarose 6B is tested for its binding capacity for trypsin, but the resin has been used in the purification of a variety of proteins including thrombin, Adenylyl cyclase-activating protease from bovine sperm, Fibrinolytic enzyme from Agkistrodon contortrix, Tryptase from rat skin,

Serine endopeptidase from rat mammary tissue, Glycosylation-enhancing factor (GEF), Plasminogen activator from embryo lung culture, Plasminogen activator from human umbilical vein endothelial cells and Thrombin-like enzyme from Bothrops atrox venom

Specifications: ​​​​​​

  • Ligand: p-Aminobenzamidine (PAB)
  • Matrix: Separopore® 6B (agarose beads, 6%)
  • Particle size range: 52 – 165 µm
  • Matrix activation: Epoxy activation
  • Ligand density:  7 μmole p-aminobenzamidine/ml drained gel
  • Binding capacity: > 10mg trypsin/ml drained gel
  • Exclusion limit: approximately 2 x 107
  • pH stability: Long term:  3 – 11; Short term:  2 – 13
  • Chemical stability: Stable to all commonly used aqueous buffers
  • Physical stability: Negligible volume variation due to changes in pH or ionic strength
  • Storage temp: 4 –8 °C
  • Benzamidine-Agarose 6B is supplied as pre-swollen gel in 20% ethanol


0.1 lbs

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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