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Laemmli Buffer Reducing, 4X Solution, 25 ML

Price$ 50.50
  • SKU: L-2411-25ML
  • Pack Size: 25 ML

7732-18-5; 56-81-5; 151-21-3; 60-24-2; 1185-53-1; 115-39-9


Room Temperature

Laemmli Buffer Reducing, 4X Solution is an SDS-containing buffer that can be used for preparation of protein samples for SDS-PAGE. The β-mercaptoethanol in the solution reduces intra- and inter-molecular disulfide bonds, allowing separation by size. The SDS detergent binds to the positive charges of the proteins, giving each protein the same negative charge. The SDS also denatures the proteins and their subunits, aiding in separation by size.

The included bromophenol blue serves an indicator dye for easy migration tracking and allows for easy observation when loading gel wellls, providing minimal loss of protein samples. DTT is present in many buffer formulations to reduce disulphide bonds that can contribute to protein structures.

  • 4X Formulation: SDS: 8.0%, Glycerol: 40.0%, β-mercaptoethanol: 8.0%, Bromophenol Blue: 0.02%, Tris-HCl: 250 mM
  • SDS binds proteins at a rate ~1.3 g SDS / g protein
  • pH: 6.5-7.5


0.1 lbs

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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