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P32/98, DPP IV Inhibitor, 1 MG

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C9H18N2OS • 0.5C4H404

Water, DMSO


P32/98 is a cell-permeable, potent and selective inhibitor of dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPPIV) (Ki=130nM). May be used in cell culture (1-10 mM) or in vivo (10 mg/kg orally).  It has been hypothesized that chronic DPPIV inhibitor treatment of diabetic animals improves glucose tolerance, enhances β-cell glucose responsiveness, replication, and turnover, and results in sustained improvements in β-cell function.

DPP IV inhibitors are a new class of anti-diabetic drugs. However, DPP IV metabolizes to at least 24 endogenous substrates, the pharmacological consequences of inhibiting the metabolism of most of these substrates is unknown. Research studies have shown that DPP IV is expressed in the renal microcirculation and inhibition of this ectoenzyme causes arterial PYY1–36 to more effectively enhance angiotensin II-induced renal vasoconstriction in genetically susceptible kidneys.


P32/98 is a specific, competitive transition state substrate analog inhibitor of dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV, DPIV, CD26, CD-26). Useful in diabetes research, as well as, protein preservation studies & transport.


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Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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