AG Scientific Offers Bulk Proteinase K Packaging & Labeling Services

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AG Scientific Offers Bulk Proteinase K Packaging & Labeling Services

proteinase k bulkAG Scientific is the established leader in proteinase K bulk supply, catalog packaging, custom size vialing and private labeling services. We guarantee the following:

  • A personal response within 24 hours of your inquiry
  • Accountability & comprehensive customer service
  • Fair & equitable prices from the start. No haggling!
  • Highest quality standards for utmost accuracy. Quality Certification: ISO 9001:2015
  • SOP traceability throughout packaging process
  • Comprehensive OEM services
  • AG Scientific’s quality commitment


About Proteinase K


Pictured above is bulk Proteinase K packaged in custom, sterilized 100 mg bottles ready for shipment to a wholesale client.

Proteinase K degrades almost every protein and inactivates rapidly enzymatic activities under a broad range of conditions (SDS, Urea, pH 4 -12). The enzyme is used for the isolation of clean and native genomic DNA and RNA in order to guarantee PCR based detection. Recently, the protease has been used for the detection of BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) proteins which are uniquely resistant to proteolytic degradation


Pictured above is Proteinase K labeling in custom 60 mg vials. Includes desiccant & Proteinase K private labeling services.

Proteinase K is a highly active endopeptidase with a broad spectrum of action towards peptide bonds. It was isolated and purified by researchers of Merck’s Biochemistry Department in 1970 from a culture of the fungus Tritirachium album. This fungus is able to grow on Keratin (e.g. wool, horn particles, feathers) as the sole source of carbon and nitrogen. The isolated protease was therefore given the designation “K”.

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  1. I heard very well about this. After read this content, I’m thinking that AG Scientific would be perfect choice for getting a custom labelling and packaging services.

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