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Hydroxychloroquine: Misconceptions in the Media

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Chloroquine Diphosphate

Antimicrobials > ( C ) Antibiotics

Substance Name:4-N-(7-chloroquinolin-4-yl)-1-N,1-N-diethylpentane-1,4-diamine;phosphoric acid

CAS Number:50-63-5

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It’s hard to miss hearing the word “hydroxychloroquine” being associated with coronavirus in the news right now. 

Hydroxychloroquine: Misconceptions in the Media

It’s hard to miss hearing the word “hydroxychloroquine” being associated with coronavirus in the news right now.  Hydroxychloroquine is being touted as a “game changer” in treating coronavirus by people in the current US administration who are not medical professionals. This drug has a similar structure to a previously established drug called CQ (N4-(7-Chloro-4-quinolinyl)-N1,N1-diethyl-1,4-pentanediamine), which has been used to treat diseases such as malaria. Hydroxychloroquine is a derivative of CQ, and because of their similar structures, it has been assumed that HCQ could be an effective treatment for COVID-19.   However, there is no substantial evidence from the scientific community to support this assumption at this time. Although there could be breakthroughs in the future, it is not safe to self-medicate with this chemical.

Hydroxychloroquine in Life Science Research

Although hydroxychloroquine sulfate is not likely to be an effective COVID-19 treatment anytime soon, there are legitimate and vital medical applications. As a conversation starter and fact check for our communities, we have put together this short article so everyone can better understand what hydroxychloroquine is, and when it should (and should NOT) be used.

Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate in Malaria Treatment and Autoimmune Diseases

Also known as just hydroxychloroquine, this medicine is used for arthritis treatment as well as to prevent malaria, according to the CDC, although there are only a few places left in the world that this is an effective preventative treatment method for malaria. This drug is only available by prescription from a doctor, and is moderately tolerated by the adult human body. There is at this time no scientific evidence that unequivocally proves hydroxychloroquine treatments cure COVID-19 What’s more, is that because it has been falsely advertised as a cure, there is now a shortage in the supply chain, which means that people who use hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) or chloroquine (Aralen) to manage chronic conditions are not able to do so effectively.  Let’s take a look at what hydroxychloroquine has been successfully used to treat and manage, and how it can be utilized in your research.

Autophagy Inhibitors and Chemotherapy

As we know, chemotherapy treatment is currently the most effective way to combat forms of cancer and cancerous tumors, despite the various negative side effects people experience while undergoing treatment. In many different research trials, using hydroxychloroquine in chemotherapy has been proven to enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy in patients.  In clinical trials, hydroxychloroquine was used as an autophagy inhibitor in cancer treatment. Autophagy inhibitors weaken leukemic cells’ resistance to chemotherapy, making it possible for more effective treatment. It has been proven that there is value in using this drug in conjunction with chemo treatment in order to speed up the process.  Furthermore, HCQ is proving to be promising as an apoptosis inducer in clinical trials.  In immunotherapy, the body’s immune response to abnormal/tumor cells is hastened and advanced, meaning the body is quicker to expel these cells. 

Potential Future Uses

What is also exciting about hydroxychloroquine is that it is currently being studied for a multitude of uses and properties. While HCQ is proving increasingly ineffective against malaria, scientists have been racing to find other medicinal uses for this chemical.  Possible uses include treatment for rheumatological as well as cardiovascular disorders (CVD), chronic kidney disease (CKD), various cancers, and more! (Note: For further reading, be sure to also check out our library of 200+ research papers citing hydroxychloroquine, available on our website at https://agscientific.com/covid-19. Over 10,000 total on COVID19 available.)

Your Ally in Discovery

We are an established supplier of hydroxychloroquine sulfate and chloroquine diphosphate. At AG Scientific, we stock hydroxychloroquine alongside many other chemicals needed for your research. Enzymes, ionophores, and more, and we tailor custom reagents to meet the needs of our consumers at an individual level.  We are still open during these difficult and unprecedented times to ensure you receive the best quality service and product. We take the customer experience seriously and cut out unnecessary bureaucracy that might prolong an order being processed and delivered. This is because we take a direct one-to-one approach in serving our customers. We pride ourselves in being able to offer such a personalized approach within such areas as medical technology and diagnostic materials, while still remaining competitive with other large life science distributors in the field. Questions? Contact our team - we are here to support you and your research endeavors.  Be well and stay safe!