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Ampicillin, Sodium Salt, 25 G

Price$ 136.75
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  • SKU: A-1414-25GM
  • Pack Size: 25 G

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Polycillin-N; Totacillin-N; Penbritin-S; Citteral; Amcill-S; Penialmen; Binotal sodium; Omnipen-N; Alpen-N






Ampicillin Sodium Salt is a β-Lactam antibiotic within the penicillin family. It inhibits synthesis of bacterial cell wall by inactivation of transpeptidases. It is used as a selective agent of ampicillin resistance in mutated and transformed cells having plasmid encoding for β-Lactamase production such as pBR322 or pUC. 

It is sensitive to β-lactamase, which hydrolyzes β-lactam ring. This antibiotic is effective against gram positive and highly effective against gram negative bacteria.


0.1 lbs

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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