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Prostaglandin E2, 10 MG

Price$ 125.43
  • SKU: P-2479-10MG
  • Pack Size: 10 MG




Soluble in acetone, ethanol (50mg/ml), DMSO (50 mg/ml), water(Partly miscible), DMF (100mg/ml), PBS,


PGE2 is one of the primary cyclooxygenase products of arachidonic acid and one of the most widely investigated PGs. Its activity influences inflammation, fertility and parturition, gastric mucosal integrity, and immune modulation. The effects of PGE2 are transduced by at least four distinct receptors designated EP1, EP2, EP3, andEP5. Affinity constants (Kd) of PGE2 for these receptors range from 1-10 nM depending on the receptor subtype and tissue. The effect of PGE2 in endometrial angiogenesis, uterine receptivity, and decidualization is mediated by cAMP-dependent mechanisms in rats, rabbits, and humans.


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Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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