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Lactate Oxidase (Recombinant), 1 KU

Price$ 417.50
  • SKU: L-1175-1KU
  • Pack Size: 1 KU

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LAo; lactate oxidative decarboxylase; lactic oxygenase; lactate oxygenase; lactic oxidase; L-lactate monooxygenase; lactate monooxygenase



Lactate oxidase is a flavin mononucleotide-dependent alpha hydroxyl acid oxidizing enzyme. Lactate oxidase is useful for enzymatic determination of lactic acid. It uses molecular oxygen to catalyze the oxidation of L-lactate.

Lactate oxidase enzymes belong to the family of oxidoreductase which act on single donors with O2 as oxidants. The enzymes often come from Aerococcus viridian and appear in viruses and cellular organisms.


  • Used in long-lasting applications in biosensors
  • Used for the quantitative determination of lactate in human plasma
  • Used for in vitro tests in order to detect lactate (e.g. in blood)
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0.1 lbs

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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