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  • SKU: P-2481-5MG
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May be dissolved in DMSO (35 mg/ml)


Pharmacology:  Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor. IC50s= 4, 70, 35, 75 and 850 nM for cdc2/cyclin B, cdk2/cyclin A, cdk2/cyclin E, cdk5/p35 and cdk4/cyclin D1 and respectively. Reversibly arrests synchronized cells in G1 and G2 phase. Induces ER stress-mediated apoptosis and autophagy in colon cancer cells. Suppresses Src-mediated transformation by inhibiting both CDKs and c-Src. In cells transformed with MYC, purvalanol A rapidly down-regulates survivin expression and induces MYC-dependent apoptosis. Cell permeable.

0.1 lbs

Research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.

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